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Best IT marketing video I’ve seen… Good job solarwinds

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Dan adds: this one was new to me… cool feature:

Put You at the Front of the Print Queue

Do you always end up in the office-printer queue behind the guy who decided to print War & Peace? Rather than sending documents to just one printer, you can select all the printers in the office and have your document print on the first one available. Go to System Preferences and then Printers & Scanners. Select your favorite printers on the network and then create a printer pool that includes them. Next time you print, select the pool rather than an individual printer.

(Source: popmech)

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This is what Russian users see when they try to download Java… Makes me want to move there! Found here.

This is what Russian users see when they try to download Java… Makes me want to move there! Found here.

(Source: java.com)

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On September 1, 1983, Korean Airlines flight 007, a Boeing 747 with 269 passengers, was shot down over the Sea of Japan.  At about 6am that morning, I arrived at my summer job at the American Embassy in Tokyo where my task was usually to start up the computer which had been turned off over night.  But on this morning, I realized the system was already engaged and that a surprisingly large number of workstations had been left on over night. While rare, I had seen this pattern before when a Washington deadline for information was looming.

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From this AskScience thread, “What happens when I take a USB drive out without ejecting?”:

When you eject a USB drive, the operating system flushes all buffered data to the drive and closes the software device. This guarantees that everything you wrote to the drive is actually physically written there. If you do not do this, you stand a chance of losing data or corrupting files.

But… this doesn’t affect Windows users:

Interestingly, Windows disables write caching for “removable” devices by default because the developers of the OS figured that most people are likely to just yank it out without “safely removing” the device first. (You can examine the write caching in the Device Manager > Properties > Policies tab of any of your disk drives.)

Note: you can still mess up your USB drive if it’s FAT32 formatted… So please use a modern file system!

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Cool piece of MS history…

“It’s a widespread convention that the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut initiates a Find operation. Word does it, Excel does it, Wordpad does it, Notepad does it, Internet Explorer does it. But Outlook doesn’t. Why doesn’t Outlook get with the program?

Rewind to 1995.

The mail team was hard at work on their mail client, known as Exchange (code name Capone, in keeping with all the Chicago-related code names from that era). Back in those days, the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut did indeed call up the Find dialog, in accordance with convention.

And then a bug report came in from a beta tester who wanted Ctrl+F to forward rather than find, because he had become accustomed to that keyboard shortcut from the email program he used before Exchange.

That beta tester was Bill Gates.”

(Source: blogs.msdn.com)

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Now THIS is a computer desk!

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Ticket status: RESOLVED

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“What makes a computer seem human isn’t how we perceive its intellect but its affect. Can it display frustration, surprise or delight just as we would? A computer scientist friend of mine makes that point by proposing his own version of the Turing Test. He says, “Say I’m writing a program and type in a couple of clever lines of code — I want the machine to say, ‘Ooh, neat!’ “ That’s the goal of the new field called affective computing, which is aimed at getting machines to detect and express emotions. Wouldn’t it be nice if the airline’s automated agent could rejoice with you when you got an upgrade? Or if it could at least sound that way? Researchers are on the case, synthesizing sadness and pleasure in humanoid that fall just this side of creepy.”

Geoff Nunberg

Computers can win chess games and Jeopardy, but can they express emotions?

I’m actually okay with my computers not having feelings.

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Time for a 3-day weekend?

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image It’s been 20 years since the first major label experiment in putting music online: on Jun 27, 1994, Geffen Music put a WAV file of Aerosmith’s “Head First” on Compuserve, which waved its hourly fee for people who wanted to download the track over their dial-up modems.

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  1. Click on “Review” ribbon
  2. Click “Show Markup” button
  3. Hover “Specific people” (2013) or “Reviewers” (2010)
  4. Uncheck “all reviewers” and select only the revisers you want to see.

You can even write a macro to auto-accept all changes by a specific author!